Lead gen, Conversions and Opt-ins…OH MY!

If you’re just getting into online marketing, and you’re anything like me – you’re probably thinking #1 what the hell do these words mean? And #2 who the hell are these people talking to?

Welcome to the techy world of social media and online marketers lol.

When I first got serious about making money online, I was confused as hell. And that’s sort of rare for me.

I did lots of google searches, reading, studying, signing up for folks email lists, calling folks hotlines – whatever these people were offering (for free) I was eating it up!

And then I decided this wasn’t really the arena for me.

I mean, sure I had “make money while sleeping” on my vision board.

But this couldn’t be the way I was going to actually accomplish that, could it?

So I just went along my merry way – living life to the fullest and enjoying it. Doing every and anything my heart desired.

Until one fateful day, something just clicked.

The only thing these super techy people were talking about was getting in front of clients, specifically the ones who were interested in what I had to offer and giving it to them.

Okay – that makes sense. So why in the world didn’t they just SAY that?

I decided that the main reason was they couldn’t.

These online marketers and sales trainers didn’t have my experiences with health & wellness or community service. They were from a different land, far, far away – Silicone Valley or someplace like that lol.

Where they were surrounded with other folk who spoke that same language.

Enter my newest venture, the Connection Academy.

The Connection Academy takes all of this super techy lingo and puts it into plain language that anyone can understand.

I created the Connection Academy specifically for those of us interested in creating social change. Those of us who are committed to changing the health and wellness of our communities with our handmade and natural products and our skills in traditional medicine. Those of us who of course want to do SOME of our work online, but we want to do the bulk of our work face-to-face in our very own communities.

Anywho, I’ll be talking to you more about the Connection Academy as time goes on – I’m actually hosting our first webinar next week!

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The New Face of Online Marketing

Move over boys, there’s a new online marketing model in town!


Me & Kimra in NYC

This past Sunday myself and one of my fellow “Be True, Brand You” classmates made the 8 hour roundtrip drive from DC to NYC to see one of our favorite rockstars, Kimra Luna.

She was on the east coast from her home in sunny California to attend a mastermind group meeting. While here, she hosted her own meetup for any Freedom Hackers in the area.

However, Kimra isn’t your average rockstar.

She is a marketing maven ushering in a new way of doing business online. A way that leads with giving lots of value, rather than with lots of salesy language and backdoor manipulation.

Her signature program, Be True Brand You was so popular this past year, that she was able to rock the online world in her first year of business, racking up over $750k in sales.

You read that right.

First year of business and almost in the MILLIONS.

If you haven’t heard of her FREE facebook group, Freedom Hackers, then I encourage you to mosy on over there and get involved in the fun – it’s a SUPER helpful community full of tech savvy folk over there.

I’ll warn you now though – self promotion is only allowed on certain days. If you violate any of the group rules (posted on the info tab of the group), one of her VA’s (virtual assistants) will delete you and keep the party going.

So if you’re looking to build an online brand, learn more about the online marketing world or simply just be on the almost ground floor of watching a magic show, I suggest you join in.

As one of Kimra’s future 1st year success stories, I can pretty much guarantee there’s nothing like her community in the online world.

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10 Ways Birthing a Business is Like Birthing a Baby

So I was just on the phone with one of my really good sisterfriends talking shop – she works with women as a doula and vaginal steam practitioner and we were exploring different options for her to expand her business.

And in the middle of her talking, I told her – “you know I’m a certified doula right?”

I explained to her the reason I became certified is because I feel like birthing a baby is a LOT like birthing a business. And since I already understand the human body from being in massage school, I felt like understanding birth from the perspective of supporting the mother would help me to be a better business coach. So I’d be something like a Business Doula.

These are the ways I think birthing a business is like birthing a baby – what do you think?

10 Ways Birthing a  Business is like(1)

  1. People are going to give you their unsolicited advice about what they think you need to do in order to make your new “baby” healthy and grow well.
  2. There are stages and periods of growth you experience before your “baby” just shows up.
  3. Your “baby” will have a mind and personality of its own – sometimes even moreso than what you were expecting.
  4. You will have to give up some level of control in order for your “baby” to grow up into a healthy “adult”.
  5. Some “babies” are born in 10 months, some in 7 – however, your “baby” will appear when it’s ready and not a second before.
  6. Having a support team of “doulas” and “midwives” will prove helpful before, during and after the actual “birth” has occurred.
  7. The “baby” truly is a community event and takes community support in order for it to grow up to be successful. It’s up to you as the parent to ensure that community exists in some way, shape or form.
  8. Making the decision to have a “baby” is one of the biggest exercises in personal growth and development you will ever undertake.
  9. You will never stop learning from your “baby”, no matter how old it gets it will still teach you something new.
  10. If you want to keep in step with your new “baby” then you have to keep your learning current and ongoing as well.
  11. Bonus #1: Our “baby” will force us to look at our circumstances, our families and our friends in ways different than we’ve ever looked at them before. We may also have to “cut off” some of the mentioned folks in order to give our “baby” a healthy upbringing.
  12. Bonus #2: Your “baby” will keep you up late at night and wake you early in the morning.

What do you think? What other ways is having a business similar to having a baby? Have you ever looked at business and babies this way?

Leave a comment below and let me know – I would love to hear your thoughts!

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You still there?

Great rising Greatness! (that’s you!)

Are you still with me?

If you’ve been following me on facebook, then you probably are already aware of all the great things that are going on with me right now!

This past weekend, I attended a personal development seminar called Landmark Forum – it’s a 3 1/2 day experience where you are introduced to the concepts of transformation, self empowerment and positive communication.

Each seminar is different, I would imagine because every group that takes it is different.

My experience was definitely SOMETHING ELSE, lol.

I came into the seminar fully open, waiting for the big reveal, the big piece of information I was missing in order to serve millions like I know I’ve been called to do…and guess what?

I got it…within the first day and half.

For me, my HUGE piece was forgiveness.

Can you believe it?


Who knew that one simple word and three syllables could hold so much weight?

Well it did.

On Saturday, I called several of my family members, verbally expressing my forgiveness of each of them, all the while thanking them for the work they did in raising me.

They did their job! And I called to say thank you.

You can’t imagine the smiles and warm feelings I heard through the phone. It truly was an awesome feeling.

During these calls, I was reminded of the power each of us have to brighten and literally MAKE another person’s day.

Yet for whatever reason, we hold onto that power and keep it to ourselves, sometimes not even using that power to brighten our OWN day.

Well, this weekend, me withholding MY power stopped. Like came to a screeching halt kind of stop.

From this point forward, you can expect a weekly posting from me, at least – either in written form, or video form with at least one of my learnings or lessons for the week. Between my online dating chronicles, my personal wellness challenges, my business building experiences or just all the ways I’m building the life of my dreams, this is about to be huge!

I’m excited!

I’ve been told and have been dreaming about creating the possibility for myself of motivational speaking – encouraging others to live their dreams and sharing ways that I’ve done it.

Well guess what? It starts NOW! (at least in a continuous and systematic way lol)

In order to live the fullness of my dream, I have a few investments to make this thing happen like it should – one of which is investing into this fancy new email system with all the bells and whistles, called Ontraport.

My investment into this new system is one of the ways I am holding myself accountable for sharing my message with the world – accountability is HUGE if you’re planning to do some big things with the world. And I most DEFINITELY am!

So  – if you’d like to stay in touch – please add your name and email to my email list located here: http://www.natishawillis.com

I would love to stay in touch!

Make it a great day beautiful ones – until we chat again!


Live Richer Challenge!

Are you ready to get your financial house in order?

I know I am!

Join me and 10,000 other women in the Live Richer Challenge!

My goal is to raise my credit score by at least 100 points in the next year so I can purchase property – I would if joined me on this journey!

Just click the photo below and it will take you to our private facebook group. I’ll be sharing my financial journey and hopefully, helping you with yours! See you on the inside!


I Choose…

A conversation about “stolen” African artifacts inspired this post.

Playing the victim never has been my strong suit. To say that so and so STOLE something means who has the power?

I thank my Mama for showing me that no matter what, I ALWAYS have the power of CHOOSING my own fate.

Either I choose to take charge of my situation or I choose to let someone else take charge.

Either way – I CHOOSE.

(And yes, there IS a song for everything lol)

No, there is no question about who created the artifacts. The question is in the language we choose to retell the story and in what are YOU going to do about it.

Will you continue to play the victim saying that the artifacts were stolen from you – or are you gonna go back and get your shit?

If you grew up with a Mama anything like mine, you already know that if you came in the house whining and complaining about how so-and-so TOOK something of yours, you would be IMMEDIATELY commanded to go back and get it.

If you didn’t feel the gumption to go and get what’s rightfully yours, then you may as well concede that you gave it away.

I mean shit – if you know someone has something thats yours and you DON’T go get it, it’s a gift – ain’t it?

There are NO Coincidences


In the past few days, I have re-evaluated some relationships, lost all my clothes (and gained a brand new wardrobe – all in the same day!) and have begun cutting a few emotional ties with people as I prepare for this next phase of my life.

So color me grateful when I found THIS little tidbit today, while searching for something SEEMINGLY unrelated:

The Waning Moon

Waning Moon means the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This is a time for spells that banish, release, reverse. This is a time to break bad habits or bad addictions, to end bad relationships. This is a time of deep intuition and a time for divination.

The White Goddess Website (Click to view the website)

If you follow the moon cycles, then you already know that we are officially in the New Moon phase TOMORROW! LOL!

Now tell me THAT doesn’t CLEARLY explain this season of clearing and ending I feel myself experiencing right now!

If you do not follow the moon cycles, no worries – HERE is a link that lets you know the dates of the moon phases.

Between those two links, you should be good to go! Oh, but wait – there’s MORE! LOL!

Women are INTIMATELY connected to the moon cycles – for flowing and ovulating – generally speaking, both of our cycles last approximately 28 days.

With that in mind, let’s do an activity together – let’s write abundance checks today, and then meet for a brief conference call tomorrow morning at 9:13am EST (Btw – the number 13 is a divinely feminine number too 🙂 ). 

Are you available? It won’t be longer than 10 minutes, just a brief invocation as we move into the growth phase of the cycle.

I think it will be fun!

Email me at workthedream AT GMAIL dot com for the conference call number! I’ll even record it for those who cant make it 🙂

Happy Abundance Day!

Playing Small Does Not Serve the World

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

–Marianne Williamson, excerpt from the speech Our Deepest Fear from the book Return to Love

Playing small does not do the world or us for that matter any good.

So, then, why do we do it?

As I sit here reflecting on this past year, I am looking back over the past few years of my life. To a point even before I began this backpacking journey and I wonder – what moved me to play the game of life at this level? A level where I live so far beneath my potential until its not funny. A level where I purposely and intensely attempt to stay under the radar as much as possible – the government radar, the God radar – I mean all the radars where I would be expected to do something great and fantastic with my life, I’ve flown beneath them for the past few years.

And not only have I myself flown beneath my potential, but I have formed relationships with people who live well beneath their potential as well.

How many of you know that if in your dysfunction you form and build community ties, those ties will bind you to that same dysfunction?

And so I sit here. Looking around my life, looking at the people I have allowed entry to my most precious space – my mind space. And while I am doing my damnedest to grow big and strong and away from the lack consciousness I now realize i have perpetuated throughout the past few years, in all SORTS of ways – I recognize that once again, if I will soar to my highest heights, I MUST change the people around me. Literally.

If you can’t change the people around you, then CHANGE the people around you.


I mean they say hindsight is 20/20 – so now that I am regularly studying wealth consciousness books, am looking back and seeing how I played the victim role in my life, how I consistently gave my power away each time I blamed someone for the consequences that were clearly my own, I have to stop and ask – what influenced me to play small?

I just returned from a women’s event and I was having a conversation with a young lady and we were talking about the mindset of people who work in the nonprofit sector. How much it differs from the corporate sector – mainly around the thought of money, how it’s obtained, etc.

And looking back, I am reminded about how I for the past 2 years demonized money, attempted to live completely without it in as many ways as possible, made myself believe that money was the devil and that I didn’t need it and I could get along just fine without it and anyone who didn’t think like me was partnering with the enemy. WHOA! Can you identify with any of these thoughts?

As a result, I learned a lot about what it meant to form meaningful connections with people – because if you want to share resources, communication skills become #1. But even inside my sprucing up my communication skills, it feels as if me living off the grid and dipping out on societal norms was really a cop-out.

Like this was my attempt to drop off the radar because if no one knew I existed, then I wouldn’t be expected to live up to my full potential. If people simply didn’t know that I began formally studying entrepreneurship at 17, then of course there would be no expectation for me to do more with myself. If people didn’t know that I had a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree and that I had dropped out of a PhD program and that I had lived all over the country, of course they wouldn’t expect much of me. Not at all. So I kept silent on my accolades.

You see there’s a line in an Israel & New Breed Song that says “there is greatness on you”. And you know what? He’s right. There IS greatness on me. And I am ready to live up to the calling that I know is on my life. The calling that I have heard since a child, that I would affect the lives of millions.

Are you ready to step your game up too?

Just as I wrapped up this post, the photo above came into my inbox. Coincidence? I doubt it.

The Woman with No Clothes

So my one year backpacking trip has officially ENDED. Thank God 🙂

It has definitely been one hell of a year of exploration. I have found out firsthand what it feels like to purchase a one way ticket to a place, not knowing where you’re going to sleep – just trusting God that it will all work out and then watching as it does just that.

I have found out what it feels like to steal food from the grocery store because you simply can’t afford to purchase it.

I have found out what it feels like to be overqualified and severely underpaid, what it feels like to launch a business, to work 18 hour days on your passion, to wake up in the middle of the night because your passion won’t let you sleep and to have your housemate seemingly sabotage your efforts by cancelling the internet – your life blood for finding new customers.

I have discovered what it feels like to have a company send you a plane ticket because they want you to work with them, what it feels like to accept yourself in your own skin, and to love yourself fully.

And most recently, I have found out what it feels like to take a year long backpacking trip and return to find out you have NO CLOTHES.

wtf-memeI have no idea what the Universe has in store for me right now. Especially since I got rid of the casual clothing I had left right before I returned home. Why? Because I knew I was coming home to an 18 gallon container FULL of clothing I had left here in Chicago before I left.

Where did they disappear to? Only the good Lord knows. The person I trusted them with claims she has no idea what happened to them. Of course she has also relocated to California so I have no way of finding out if she has my shit or not.

Smh..I already laughed it off. And to keep from stressing out about this even more than what I’ve allowed, more than likely I will keep laughing.

The irony of this situation is – I am awaiting the word for a job offer that will be the largest salary I have ever received to date and I literally have maybe 5 outfits to my name. The other ironic part is before I traveled back to Chicago, I thought to myself how I was going to 1) purchase a 2 piece luggage set so that I could have all the clothes I owned in a “ready to travel” state and 2) research living minimally and the key pieces I needed to revolve an entire wardrobe around.

Funny how the Universe will make your thoughts into reality isn’t it?

I assumed I would need a new wardrobe anyway because I have lost a bit of weight in the past 60 days as I have been fasting, as well as cleaned up my diet a bit. What I didn’t consider was that I would need new clothes because they all disappeared! Lol! The bright side of this is now I don’t have to agonize over which clothes to get rid of and which ones to keep!

Until next time – do something brave, do something out of the ordinary, do something to pursue your goals – and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Willis Coaching & Consulting is Now Open!!

i can
Happy Friday!
It’s the first of the month and I’m excited to announce that I have officially launched my coaching and consulting business!

Willis Coaching & Consulting: Connecting women to the resources that will transform their lives!

For the month of August, I am offering 100 FREE CONSULTATIONS!

Yes, you read that right! If you know (or are) a woman who are transitioning into a MAJOR milestone (college, new job,  new city, new house) and could use the partnership of a “Creative Solution Specialist”, please send them my way! Together we will create some tangible solutions!

I won’t keep you long because I know reading super long emails isn’t exactly what’s hot in the streets 🙂
If you feel moved, please connect with me on facebook or on my blog so we won’t go so long without speaking next time 🙂
Facebook Group (personal development for women ONLY): https://www.facebook.com/groups/arisemastermind/
Facebook Group (business development for men AND women): https://www.facebook.com/groups/ignitemastermind/
Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Please let me know how I can support you in your goals too – I would love to catch up and hear about what you’re working on!